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Dr Samuel K Adjei

Senior Research Fellow & Head

Department of Animal Experimentation

Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research

College of Health Sciences, NMIMR-University of Ghana

Short Biography


Dr. Samuel Adjei, a Medical Research Scientist at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), University of Ghana, earned BSc. (Hons) in Biological Sciences in 1992 from KNUST and joined NMIMR in 1995 as a Research Assistant. In 2002, he proceeded to do further studies in Nagoya University, Japan, where he obtained M. Sc. and Ph. D. degrees in Applied Molecular Bioscience. His specialty training spans Laboratory Animal Science and Technology (NIH, Japan), Avian influenza molecular diagnostics (NMIMR, Ghana), and Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics (Jackson’s Laboratory, USA). He has taught Biology at the Advanced and Senior High School Levels for several years and lectures in Principles of Genetics at the Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science in the University of Ghana. Currently, he is the head of the Department of Animal Experimentation and manages a world class Laboratory Animal Resource Facility at NMIMR.

His research focus has been on pre-clinical safety and efficacy profiling of medicinal plant extracts in well-defined laboratory animals. He has collaborated with other researchers and have won several grants for medicinal plant research, notable among which is the Prostate Medicinal Plant Research Group (PMPRG) which, for the past 8 years, has conducted a series of research work, and has provided evidence based discussions for protection and/or commercialization of a bi-herbal product. He is also a member of the anti-epilepsy drug discovery from plants in Ghana group with the objective of characterizing/evaluating plants with traditional indications of epilepsy, convulsions or 'fits'. Presently he is the lead Scientist for a Multi-target Antimalarial from Plants Research Group (MAPReG) with funding from the University of Ghana.

Dr. Adjei has over 30 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals.

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